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UK Wide

Our nationwide team specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of commercial glazed building envelopes for commercial clients.

Expert Team

Highly experienced professionals, who over 28 years have built an outstanding reputation for specialist glazing solutions in difficult access areas.

Documented Work

Projects are documented photographically to visualise rectification works step by step so clients understand the glazing systems and future servicing needs.

Full Guarantee

We are one of few companies to offer Insurance Backed Guarantees, often requested by developers and large FM companies.

Why Choose Dynamic Access for Your Glazing Leak Repair?

Our priority is to conduct a thorough assessment to identify the root cause of the leak before proposing a customised repair solution. Left unaddressed or incorrectly repaired, glazing leaks can escalate into more severe issues, posing increased health and safety risks to building occupants.

We prioritise client satisfaction by offering tailored repair packages that address the specific needs of your glazing system, providing long-term peace of mind.

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Common Glazing Leak Repair Solutions

From replacing defective silicone weather seals to introducing new drainage components, our expertise covers a wide range of repair solutions for various glazing systems. Whether it’s overhead glazing, atriums, curtain walls, or roof lights, our specialist access capabilities ensure that leaks are effectively addressed regardless of location.

Understanding the Causes of Glazing Leaks

Glazing leaks can stem from various factors, including seal deterioration, drainage system blockages, or design/construction issues. Regular maintenance and servicing are essential to preserving the integrity of your glazing system and preventing premature ageing. Our comprehensive approach includes identifying and rectifying leaks caused by age-related dilapidation, inadequate repairs, or incorrect installations.

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The Importance of Timely Repairs

Leaking glazing not only disrupts daily operations but also poses significant health and safety risks, particularly in high-traffic areas. Timely investigation and repair are crucial to preventing further damage and ensuring the continued functionality of your glazing system. Delaying repairs can lead to complete system failure and exacerbate safety concerns for building occupants.

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