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UK Wide

Our nationwide team specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of commercial glazed building envelopes for commercial clients.

Expert Team

Highly experienced professionals, who over 28 years have built an outstanding reputation for specialist glazing solutions in difficult access areas.

Documented Work

Projects are documented photographically to visualise rectification works step by step so clients understand the glazing systems and future servicing needs.

Full Guarantee

We are one of few companies to offer Insurance Backed Guarantees, often requested by developers and large FM companies.

Cost Effective High Level Access Manchester

As architectural designs aim for taller structures and urban areas grow denser, the use of standard fixed scaffolding and traditional access techniques has turned costly and obstructive.

Securing permits from local authorities, implementing road closures, and engaging in extensive pre-project planning are often necessary with conventional access methods.

Employing rope access methods through industrial abseiling can significantly reduce these costs and disturbances.

Industrial abseiling has increasingly become the favored approach for reaching high and hard-to-access locations.

Dynamic Access Manchester projects are executed by experienced and highly trained rope access teams.

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Manchester IRATA Trained Rope Access Teams

Rope access is a safe and practical access solution that allows Dynamic Access to offer our clients in Manchester, the most cost-efficient option to conduct their required maintenance and glazing repair projects.

Our Manchester based rope access technicians are fully trained and hold IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certification.

Our teams are managed by IRATA Level 3 managers who are highly experienced in specialist rigging and are multi-skilled tradesmen. This expert management allows the abseiling teams to flawlessly conduct a wide range of glazing projects from façade inspections to high level glass replacements and leak repairs.

Rope Access Manchester – Access the Inaccessible

Our company’s guiding principle is to reach the unreachable. Through rope access, we are able to navigate to areas that are otherwise extremely challenging to access by conventional means.

Our Manchester based rope access technicians are highly skilled and trained, using state-of-the-art equipment and diverse techniques to access the most difficult and seemingly inaccessible locations.

We are equipped to offer a broad array of services, including but not limited to window and facade cleaning, DOFF treatment, construction tasks, and glass replacement.

When necessary, we can perform these services during off-peak hours to reduce any disturbance at the client’s site.

For every project, we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and develop a detailed method statement, ensuring all correct preparations are in place before initiating any work.

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