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UK Wide

Our nationwide team specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of commercial glazed building envelopes for commercial clients.

Expert Team

Highly experienced professionals, who over 28 years have built an outstanding reputation for specialist glazing solutions in difficult access areas.

Documented Work

Projects are documented photographically to visualise rectification works step by step so clients understand the glazing systems and future servicing needs.

Trusted by Top UK Companies

We are trusted to undertake AOV and glazing work by some of the the UK’s biggest companies, such as Nationwide Bank and Barclays.

Keep your building safe with effective AOV systems

An Automatic Open Ventilation (AOV) system is an essential tool in fire safety, designed to minimize smoke inhalation during a fire. It regulates smoke ventilation, maintaining a layer of clear air above the floor during a fire, which helps in reducing the accumulation of smoke and heat.

Smoke poses the most significant threat during a fire, capable of engulfing a building within minutes. AOVs play a crucial role in keeping emergency exits and access areas clear, safeguarding individuals from the dangers of smoke inhalation, and ensuring unobstructed evacuation routes.

AOV systems come in various forms, such as automated roof hatches, glazed or metal louvres, wall-mounted corridor vents, automatic vent windows, and internal smoke shaft damper doors. Utilized together, these systems also contribute to lowering temperatures in a building on fire, further enhancing safety measures.

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Specialist AOV Maintenance Team

Dynamic Access offers a dependable maintenance and repair service across the UK for Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) systems.

Employing a team of exceptionally skilled engineers, we can undertake regular safety checks and also repair, upgrade and maintain your commercial building’s AOV safety systems.

We can provide detailed reports outlining the system’s condition and any necessary repairs or replacements. Trust in our professional expertise to keep your AOV system in prime condition, meeting and exceeding regulatory standards and expectations.

Ensure the safety of your building from fire hazards with Dynamic Access’s all-encompassing repair and replacement services for AOV systems.

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