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Scope of works

Our scope of works was to conduct a full condition and as built inspection to the newly installed glazed facades and roof lights to fully understand the reasons for extensive water ingress, once all defects were understood, we specified and commenced with a rectification program to correctly rectify.

Upon first inspection, internally there was extensive damage noted to the plaster finishes at points where the new structure abuts the existing building, further plaster damage was noted to sills and walls to the perimeter of the roof light. Damage was noted to all internal blinds where water ingress was apparent at all transom to mullion joints.

Externally, it was visually apparent that there was no flashing detail to existing building abutments, misalignment of glazing rafters, pressure plates that should be mechanically fixed had fallen off exposing silicone sealant bonding, base transoms fixed directly to the floor and mullion rafters terminating on top of the transoms with no visible fixing point or drainage consideration.

Gaps were also noted down the side of vertical mullions and the brickwork finishes, along with this 4No glazing panels had fractures to the internal laminate.


Due to the as built condition of the structure, only one option was open for rectification, the specification designed for the glazing rectification would serve to make the glazing system fully sealed and surface drained.

Summary of glazing works

The original installation was found to be extremely poor with limited consideration for weathering and capillary water ingress, noted throughout was non-industrial detailing, incorrect material specification and extremely poor finishing.

The structure would have performed for a short period of time until the incorrect materials degraded and failed, once this failure occurred there was excessive water ingress into the system and building interfaces thus causing the major damages and water ingress to the inside of the building.

The rectification works conducted have been designed to make the glazing system fully watertight and surface drained, all materials specified are purpose designed for the application, and all works and finishing have been conducted to industrial standard best practices.

With a structure of this type, we would always recommend an annual service inspection/adjustment and external clean, cleaning must be conducted with soft mops and blades, no chemicals or harsh cleaning products should be used.

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