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Scope of works

The project entailed a complete replacement of 48 antiquated Colt AOV roof vents within the building, followed by the installation of 48 new AOV roof vents, including the associated wiring, control panels, and sensors.

To minimize disruption to the regular operations of the bank headquarters, all work was conducted outside of business hours.

The fire system’s renewal was carried out in stages, keeping both old and new systems running simultaneously. This phased approach ensured the building’s fire safety strategy remained fully operational at all times.

As part of the renovation, new sensors were integrated into the system, including CO2, temperature, rain, and wind sensors.

We collaborated with EON to incorporate these into the existing building management system, facilitating efficient management of the new AOVs to maintain optimal building temperature and air quality.

The newly installed AOVs played a significant role in the building’s fire strategy.

We also partnered with Defensor to connect all new AOVs to the fire alarm system, ensuring comprehensive and effective fire safety measures.

The execution of the work required various modes of access including IRATA rope access, MEWPs, and substantial crane lifting operations.

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