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Scope of works

Our client, Nationwide, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with for a long time, entrusted us with an important new project at their data centre building.

The project encompassed the removal and subsequent installation of roof hatches throughout the entire facility.

The prior hatches, positioned at the peak of tall cat ladders, were manually operated. This led to challenges for the staff, who found it strenuous and unsafe to open and close the hatches.

Dynamic Access took on the responsibility of conceptualising, fabricating, and installing new, state-of-the-art roof hatches.

The new hatches are fully automated, with opening and closing operation facilitated by electrical mechanisms.

To enhance safety, we fitted the new hatches with handrails, providing an added level of fall protection.

As a significant aspect of the project, we also implemented a completely new wiring system and control panels, further augmenting the system with burglar alarm sensors.

To minimise disruption to the client’s operations, all the work was meticulously planned and carried out outside of regular hours, ensuring seamless continuity of the data centre’s functions.

Access to carry out these complex tasks was facilitated through various means, including IRATA rope access teams, MEWPs access, and  crane lifting operations.

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