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UK Wide

Our nationwide team specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of commercial glazed building envelopes for commercial clients.

Expert Team

Highly experienced professionals, who over 28 years have built an outstanding reputation for specialist glazing solutions in difficult access areas.

Documented Work

Projects are documented photographically to visualise rectification works step by step so clients understand the glazing systems and future servicing needs.

Full Guarantee

We are one of few companies to offer Insurance Backed Guarantees, often requested by developers and large FM companies.

Expert Emergency Glazing Teams at Your Service

Our IRATA-trained Rope Access Technicians are equipped to swiftly assess and address damaged overhead glazing, utilising advanced techniques to ensure safe access. While permanent replacement is necessary in the long term, our team focuses on immediate safety measures. Whether it’s applying emergency glazing film or installing temporary boarding and weatherproofing, we prioritise minimising disruption while safeguarding occupants.

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Comprehensive Assessment and Solutions

During the emergency make-safe process, our experienced site teams meticulously inspect all aspects of the damaged glazing and framework. If necessary, we identify the cause of impact and collect samples for laboratory analysis to assess potential defects such as nickel sulphide inclusion in toughened glass.


Transparent Reporting for Efficient Replacement

Upon completion of the emergency make-safe works, our projects team provides a detailed technical report outlining the specifications for replacement. From glass types and coatings to gasket profiles and framework dimensions, we ensure all critical information is documented for efficient replacement. Our goal is to expedite the replacement process, minimising downtime and restoring the glazing to its optimal condition.

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