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Scope of works

The project entailed a comprehensive removal of 64 aged Colt AOV roof vents throughout the building, which were then replaced by 64 new AOVs, inclusive of associated wiring, control panels, and sensors.

To ensure minimal disruption to the regular operations of the bank headquarters, all activities were carried out outside regular working hours.

Furthermore, the removal and renewal of the fire system was conducted in phases, with the old and new systems functioning concurrently.

This strategic approach guaranteed that the building’s fire safety plan remained operational at all times.

Throughout the roof vent renovation, new sensors—CO2, temperature, rain, and wind—were integrated. In partnership with EON, these sensors were programmed into the existing building management system. This allowed for effective control of the new AOVs, thereby maintaining optimal temperature and air quality within the building.

The new AOV installation significantly enhanced the building’s fire safety strategy.

In collaboration with Defensor, all new AOVs were linked to the fire alarm system, creating a robust and comprehensive fire response mechanism.

The project required varied methods of access, including IRATA rope access, MEWPs, and extensive crane lifting operations, to ensure successful completion.

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